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Valentine’s Day is 15 days away. That means there’s only 15 days left for our significant others and secret admirers to figure out what they’ll be getting us as a gift this year. That’s only two weeks (and a day)! Save the teddy bears and assorted chocolates. Those are so high school. We are grown (and almost-grown) women now and deserve to be gifted as such, am I right ladies!? Yes I am. We need to let our voices be heard and take a stand that we will no longer settle for mediocre, last minute gifts. Put some thought into it. Get something useful. Are you still confused? Here are 10 gifts that girls actually want to receive for Valentine’s Day.

makeoverly valentines day guide

1. Jewelry – How does the line go? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Even if she isn’t into diamonds, I can guarantee that your favorite girl has a favorite style, color or type of jewelry and you better know what it is.

2. Shoes – Every holiday is a great time to give the gift of shoes. Scratch that. Every day is a great time to give the gift of shoes. Give your lady a new pair of shoes and help her find a cute outfit (if you’re good with style that is) then go out for dinner.

3. Music – You should know your Valentine’s taste in music by now. Go out and get them a hard copy or vinyl of their favorite artist, or you know what’s even better? Concert tickets.

4. Art – You may be surprised by how many people appreciate getting some nice artwork as a gift. Paintings, sculptures and photography, among a plethora of other mediums, can turn someone’s mood completely around and transform their humble abode into a museum.

5. A Journal – People love writing. I love writing, obviously. Even if you don’t write for a fabulous website like Makeoverly, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve some cute stationary.

6. At-Home Dessert/Dinner – Going out to a nice restaurant for the night is cute and all but it’s also nice to create your own meals together.

7. Makeup – Ok maybe foundation will give off the wrong message, unless she’s really been hinting at it, but makeup is always a nice treat to get, especially a new lipstick or blush.

8. Magazine Subscriptions – Yes we love reading magazines. No we don’t like paying for them on our own dime. Be a dear and renew her subscription for her.

9. Aroma Therapy – Our sense of smell is pretty overlooked on Valentine’s Day for whatever reason, but we can’t forget how important it is. It’s called aroma therapy for a reason. How awesome would you be for giving the gift of serenity?

10. Lingerie – If getting sexy is her thing, help her out and let her know you appreciate her actions. Maybe the two of you can go shopping together.


So, what are you going to be doing for your Valentine this year?