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I swoon over a good piece of affordable jewelry. Finding a perfect piece for an outfit is like the icing on the cake. The right piece of jewelry just completes a look. But, as we know, not all jewelry is affordable. Usually, the affordable items are your run of the mill, same old styles that just about everyone has. Let’s face it, sometimes you just want a fun, unique statement accessory that really shows off your personality. Here are some to-die-for pieces that won’t kill your wallet:


I personally love a good pearl necklace. A dainty single strand of pearls will do, but this multi-strand necklace is seriously gorgeous. It’s perfect for a classy look that doesn’t sacrifice personality. The best part is, it’s only thirty four dollars!


I’m a stud kind of girl, but I do like to get crazy every now and then and wear a statement piece. These pearls are perfect for everyday wear, but these statement earrings pack a punch with pretty colors!


And last but not least, we have the ring. What’s fun about rings is their diverse style. Wear one ring, five rings, or two rings. The possibilities are endless. My favorite rings don’t scream for attention and look beautiful all on their own. For example, these wrap-around arrow rings are pretty perfect with just about any outfit.

Have fun with your jewelry! Your pieces don’t have to be super expensive to still be super cute!

Where do you shop for affordable jewelry?