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If you’re having trouble achieving that afternoon glow in the morning, you may want to consider changing a few things in your beauty routine.


If your skin looks dull after you wash your face in the morning, you should switch to a different cleanser. A cleanser should gently clean your face without stripping it of natural, healthy oils. Now, we don’t want to look shiny, just dewy. I use Origins A Perfect World because it’s gentle and does not strip my skin. I can say this with confidence because I live in the very dry Southern California weather! Also make sure you have a heavier moisturizer for night time to really help replenish your skin while you sleep. Personally, I love SkinMedica Dermal Repair Cream. It’s a bit pricey, but the results are worth the splurge. Your skin will look moisturized and plump. It’s also super important to wear sunscreen!

Stay Hydrated

Most importantly, drink lots of water! If you feel like you have had enough, drink another glass! Get one of those half-gallon bottles and try to drink at least one or more of those each day.

Finishing Sprays

To help jump start these changes, look into a dewy finishing spray. Apply your makeup as you normally would, and then spritz a finishing spray over your skin. One of my favorites is the Nyx Cosmetics Dewy Finishing Spray. If you find this makes you too shiny, check out a brand called Skindinavia. They pretty much started the whole finishing spray craze. The beauty of finishing sprays is that they keep your makeup in place all day and can give you a dewy, matte, or regular finish to your makeup.

I had just applied makeup here and used a finishing spray. See how natural and glowing it makes your skin?

To recap: adjust your cleanser to a very gentle moisturizing formula, moisturize heavily at night, drink plenty of water, wear SPF, and try a dewy finishing spray.

How do you get your glow on?