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ageless style

Photo: Petras Gagilas

Unfortunately we age as each day passes, and sometimes our sense of style follows right behind. Don’t let age control your outfit. Here are five tips for achieving ageless style:

1. Get rid of the “sensible” shoes

While comfort is usually a main priority when it comes to picking out shoes, don’t forget about appearance. Clunky, rubber shoes look like orthopedic footwear, and square-toed styles are outdated. For a young, fabulous look, buy a pair of heels or chic ballet flats.

2. Open up to colors and textures

Although neutral colors make for a great classic look, sometimes the line between boring and chic is too thin. Don’t be afraid to wear a little color. A pop of red, purple, or blue will knock years off your outfit. But if you’re not ready to stray away from the comfort of your neutral palate, try interesting metallics or textures for a stylish alternative.

3. Show a little skin

Show a little skin—collarbones, wrists, and shoulders are the slimmest parts of the body, and they’re definitely worth showing off. Highlight your collarbone area with accessories and elegant open necklines. Boat necklines, sheer fabrics, and cropped sleeves are also a great way to reveal, yet conceal.

4. Wear clothes that fit

Baggy clothes are shapeless and hide your body. This not only makes you look older, but wider, too. Clothes that are too tight look tacky, so find a garment that is tailored for your body, and rock it.

5. Know your body type

Knowing your shape is the key to success in the fashion world. There are five silhouettes which include the pear, inverted triangle, apple, rectangle, and the hourglass. Body shape is about proportion, and fashion is about knowing how to dress those proportions in a flattering way.

What are your secrets to ageless style?

Photo by Petras Gagilas