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Some of us just like to wear black. If your all black wardrobe lacks color, here’s what to expect and how to rock the look:

1. Putting up with comments and judgmental looks

People might find it strange if you suddenly start wearing all black, especially if you used to wear floral dresses, neon shoes, and colorful smokey eyes. But don’t let that bring you down or stop you from wearing black. As long as you feel comfortable, you can do whatever you want. Be yourself! You will draw attention to yourself, but that’s inevitable. Focus on the positive attention and how good you feel. I’ve been wearing all black for as long as I can remember and I still get looks. Some people couldn’t wear that amount of black, but hey, that’s their problem!

2. Wear darker colors first

If you still don’t feel comfortable wearing all black, try darker colors. I used to wear dark navy t-shirts with black jeans just to get used to the feeling of wearing dark colors, and to avoid scaring people too much. Wear colors such as dark red, dark navy, or even dark green. If you experiment with colors, you’ll slowly get used to them.

3. Be creative in different ways

Keep in mind that what people say is not always right. Most think black is not creative. Let them think that! Black is such a beautiful and dangerous color. Not all people look good in black, but you can, and you will! I used to wear all black and didn’t care about the styling of my look. All that mattered was that my clothes were that color. Big mistake! Learn about textures, shapes and materials. Think of what type of look you want to achieve and go for it!

How do you rock all black?