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One of my favorite styles in fashion history is the androgynous and gamine style, historically championed by beauties such as Audrey Hepburn, Jean Seburg, and more recently, Emma Watson. It also happens to be devastatingly on-trend for Fall/Winter 2014, so snaps for being so fashion-savvy! The key to achieving this classic look is to balance chic menswear pieces with slightly feminine touches. In the above picture, Jean Seburg combines a masculine fedora with a more figure-flattering striped tank top that emphasizes her curves ever-so-slightly. Keep in mind that androgynous style is not about dressing in an entirely masculine way; it is about having a style that effortlessly blends both male and female styles. Accessories are a wonderful way to incorporate these two vibes into your look, whether it be by pairing a girly peter pan collared shirt with a pair of menswear-inspired trousers, or by combining a pair of men’s-style oxford shoes with a sweet skirt. If you need any more hat inspiration, go watch Diane Keaton in Annie Hall– she’s charming, funny, and she wears the heck out of a hat.

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This fedora is super fun for the end of summer, and BONUS: it’s on sale for ten dollars!

Oh, Audrey. Is there anything you didn’t look amazing in? Although her tiara and pearls combination (and those gloves! Don’t forget the gloves) in Breakfast at Tiffany’s has been immortalized on many a dorm room wall, Audrey Hepburn’s combo of a boatneck top, capris, and ballet flats are arguably just as iconic. This outfit is the epitome of gamine fashion, an androgynous and boyish French style still popular today. It is effortless and pixie-like; sweet and no-nonsense at the same time. Boatneck shirts also just happen to tie into the nautical trend that has been so very hot this summer, so knock out two birds with one stone and add this essential piece to your wardrobe, ASAP!

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For an extra French and nautical touch, opt for a boatneck top in stripes, like this one from L. L. Bean. Tip: this exact style of shirt is referred to as a ‘Breton Shirt,’ and was originally worn as a French sailor’s uniform in the 1800’s. Bam. History lesson for the day: check.

Another way to balance the masculine and feminine elements of an androgynous look is by combining a strong menswear outfit with sweet makeup. Emma Watson absolutely kills this look with her immaculately tailored tuxedo (tailoring is another key to a perfectly executed androgynous look!) and berry-hued lips. The result is sexy, cool, and is more individual and memorable than any run-of-the-mill red carpet gown.

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Add the perfect feminine touch to an extra-tailored menswear outfit with berry lipstick, just like this crayon from Tarte. As you get deeper into fall and winter, let your hue darken slightly to adapt to the changing season. For winter, Clinique’s Black Honey would be ideal. What are your favorite ways to rock the androgynous/gamine style? Who are your favorite icons of the style?