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If there is one thing I know for sure, it would be that a big winged out eyeliner makes your eyes look more elegant, mysterious, nicely shaped and a lot sexier.

Those little black wings are able to add the perfect finish to our look. It is a very old but effective trick. The classic makeup of Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn’s lovely cat eyes would definitely not be complete without this wonderful little black line. To me, it is the most effective and most beautiful eye makeup a woman can apply. Oh, I’m so in love with this flirty little line. My own love affair with the perfect eyeliner started very early on. The people who knew my 16 year-old past self will approve that I wore this look almost everyday. I even thought I would look weird without it.

But let’s go back to the very beginning.

When I had my first ballet performance, we learned to do our stage makeup for every particular role. And of course no snowflake, no princess and no swan queen would be perfect without a beautiful long black eyeliner. So I started using it everyday because I had a huge crush on my liquid eyeliner bottle. I also used to apply it for school, even though it was just a little line without the long extension. But then there was a time when I started to read in makeup books from Bobbi Brown and other brands I had discovered, and I also started to watch several beauty videos and tutorials from YouTubers and I got interested in beauty and fashion blogs. I learned some new tips and tricks and I began to wear the classic eyeliner look only for events and on weekends. I still thought it would be the best makeup to match my eyes but I realised it still had to be something special. A look you would not go for every single day. A flirty, pretty and sweet look you would want for parties, a sunday brunch or when you’re on a date. And I really believe a perfect eyeliner will make your eyes shine for any occasion.

Here’s how to apply eyeliner flawlessly:
I prefer using a liquid eyeliner but you can also use a pencil or apply a cream eyeliner with a small brush. Some people say the liquid one is very difficult to apply but a think it is even easier than using the pencil. So just try it out and use the one you like best.
1. First of all you have to think of an imaginary line from the outer corner of your eye towards the lower end of your eyebrow. This will make it a lot easier to find the right angle and it will help you to draw identical lines on both sides. Start with drawing a little extension and make the line as long as you wish. You can see this step in the first picture.
2. The step on the second picture might not be that easy for you if you have never drawn an eyeliner before. You have to imagine that you are drawing a little wing. Start at the end of your first extension line and draw a second arch-shaped line inwards creating this little wing.
3. Then you can start filling it in.
4. In the 4th picture you can see how my finished wing looks like.
5. Now it is really important that you have not got too much colour on the pencil. We need to create a very thin line right to the inner corner of the eye. I prefer the line to be very thin on the inner corner and a lot thicker on the outside and the wing. I just think it makes my eyes look bigger. But everyone has different shaped and sized eyes so I would suggest you to try it out as often as possible and don’t be afraid to experiment with thick and long lines. Maybe a thicker line looks even better on you.
6. and 7. When I’m finished with the shape of my eyeliner I carefully start to make the lines thicker and longer. I think it is easier like that because you already see the finished shape and it gives you the orientation you need. I sometimes have this lost feeling when I start with drawing big and long lines. Especially when you are a beginner you will see that it is a lot easier making the line bigger with small steps.
8. You can see my result in the last picture. But of course you can do it your way, however you like it. Try out, experiment and if you don’t like something use a wet cotton bud to correct little mistakes. But remember that there are no mistakes unless you don’t like it. And don’t be scared, go crazy with your eyeliner and draw it however you wish. Just add a little bit of mascara and the cat eye look is perfect.