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: How do I apply false eyelashes?

Answer: Applying false eyelashes can be difficult—very difficult. A first attempt may lead to uneven lashes, a stabbed eyeball, or worse. But enough gloom and doom. You’ll be relieved to know that anyone can master it! It just requires a steady hand and amazing focus.

Step one is buying the right pair of false eyelashes. That means choosing ones that are appropriate for the nature of the event you’re attending. Although this isn’t always what we want to hear, don’t buy the cheapest pair because most of the time, the cheapest pair comes with the cheapest glue, which has the cheapest ingredients. As a Sephora lover, you can find some of the best eyelash adhesives and eyelashes there.

Once you have eyelashes and adhesive, I recommend grabbing tweezers, eyeliner, and mascara to complete the full process. First, take one of the lashes and put glue along the edge. Don’t apply too much, or it will take too long to dry and may slide all over your eyelash. Also note that oftentimes, each false lash has a fuller side. The fuller side of the lash should correspond with the outer corner of your eye. Put the eyelash in between your tweezers to help placement. Place the full side of the lash in the outer corner of your eye and as close to the lash line as possible while remaining on the skin. Press down lightly and then press the rest of the lash down to adhere to the skin moving from the outer corner inward. Before the lashes stick, open your eye to make sure the lashes look straight and perfect. Follow these steps for the other eye as well.

Once you complete these steps, look in the mirror to make sure those lashes are even—this is crucial! Straight and even lashes really and truly differentiate those who can pull this off from those who can’t. If they’re even, great job! If not, that’s okay, just try again. You can mark your eyelid along the inner lash with a dot of eyeliner for safe measure.

After you’ve successfully made them even, let them dry for a minute or two until the glue on the lid no longer feels tacky. Then grab your eyeliner and apply an even line across your upper lid, making sure to go over the lash edge and adhesive. Finally, apply mascara carefully. I like to do this in order to blend the real and fake lashes together; the mascara makes them look more uniform.

Follow these steps and your lashes will look perfectly voluminous and sexy—no one will even know they’re falsies!