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What is the best way to apply glitter eye makeup?

Answer: All that glitters really is gold when it comes to the latest trend in eye makeup: sparkly eyelids. Sure it’s the stuff our teenage dreams were made of, but gold-flecked eyes don’t have to scream the ‘90s when applied the right way. Relax: we know it’s difficult to perfect the gilded gold approach without looking like you just came from a New Year’s Eve party or rave. But shadows that shine can be a dramatic yet sophisticated way to make a statement, whether you’re going out for drinks with the girls or gearing up for your second date. The best part? You don’t need a professional makeup artist to wear a grown-up glittery eye for your next outing. Fear gold, glitter, and sparkly eye shadow no more with our tips on application. Chic, glamorous and yes—quite bold. With this look, all eyes will be on you.

It may seem challenging to apply glitter to the lids while still keeping it sexy, mature and modern. However, as with all makeup applications, less is more. First, choose an eye shadow and glitter that are complementary to each other. A general rule of thumb for glitter colors are to go with gold, bronze, champagne, rose and gunmetal because they look great on most skin tones and are easy to combine with other shades. Eye shadows with a fine amount of loose glitter like Make Up For Ever Gold Glitter, which is perfect for a twinkle of opulence.

To apply this makeup, start with a shadow primer or base all over your lids so the eye shadow will last. NARS Pro-Prime Smudgeproof Eye Shadow Base not only has staying power, but it’s consistently light, too. Next, take a shimmery eye shadow—preferably brown or a shade that closely matches your skin tone—and apply it all over your eyelid to the brow bone. Balance is important as well, and neutral shades are essential to downplaying the shimmer. When the light catches it, NARS Night Series Eyeshadow will illuminate your face without overpowering it. Then, you’ll want to use a black liquid liner on the upper lash line of your upper lids. Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner in Blackest Black is a good choice.

After you use a pencil eyeliner for your lower lashes and apply mascara to define your eyes, it’s finally time for the fun part: the glitter application. Subtlety is key here. There’s a fine line between glamour and garishness, and you want a flash of glitz rather than an explosion of gaudiness. Wet a flat brush, patting a a generous amount of glitter all over the lid while leaving the outer corners bare. If any glitter gets on your eyelashes, cheeks or face, use a lash spoolie dipped in water to remove from eyelashes and a hairdryer to remove loose glitter from your face. Let it dry, and you’re ready to bat those lashes.

If you don’t want to cover your entire lid, another option for a little sparkle is a shimmery eyeliner. Try NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner. You can jazz it up with a bit of loose glitter on the tips of your lashes after applying your favorite bright mascara.

We know it takes a lot of courage to step out in this look, but with a little bit of confidence, you’ll be sure to sparkle all day and night.

Have you ever tried to wear glitter eye makeup? What are your favorite glitter colors?