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LaTonya Darrisaw

winter clothes

How to Wear Summer Dresses During Winter

Photo: Anniepancake Confession: I’m totally an autumn girl. I guess I suffer from the Goldilocks principle, as in I like things perfectly balanced. That ...
warm in office

Outfit Ideas To Keep Warm In The Office

Photo: worldbank Probably one of the most difficult challenges every girl will have to face in her lifetime is dressing appropriately and stylishly for work...
game day fashion

Easy Game Day Style

Photo by Larrison It’s that time of year again—where fashion and sports collide. That’s right. It’s game season. And whether you’re an actual fan of the spo...
rainy day outfits

Rainy Day Outfit Must-Haves

I love the rain—as long as I’m indoors. There’s nothing better than settling down with a warm blanket, a cup of tea and good book while the rain serves as the p...
article placeholder

How to Wear All Black Like a Boss

A disclaimer: from shoes to clothing, about 80% of my closet is full of neutrals—more specifically, black. Maybe I’m going through a Wednesday Addams phase, or ...
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How do you style a maxi skirt?

Question: How do you style a maxi skirt? Answer: It’s only natural during the summer that our first instinct is to lessen the amount of clothes we wear or sh...
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How do you wear a vest in the summertime?

Question: How do you wear a vest in the summertime? Answer: Are you ready to bring the ‘90s back? Well, there’s one trend that’s retro chic and sure to stick...
shampoo hair

How often should I shampoo my hair?

Question: How often should I shampoo my hair? Answer: By now, you've probably nailed the whole wash, rinse, repeat cycle when it comes to sudsing your strand...
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What should I wear to the beach?

Question: What should I wear to the beach? Answer: Summer’s just around the bend, and it’s the perfect time to lounge poolside or visit the beach. But before...

LaTonya Darrisaw

I’m a self-proclaimed fashion, beauty and entertainment junkie who is obsessed with the latest fashion news, style trends and celebrity gossip. In the future, I hope to combine all these interests for a women’s or lifestyle magazine where I can give women advice and tips on how to live their best lives while looking and feeling their best. Until then, I’m striving to inspire and inform readers here at makeoverly on the latest in beauty and fashion with tips they can add to their daily lives. In my spare time, I love searching the Web and spending countless hours on blogs and Instagram as well as reading, shopping, listening to music and watching TV and movies. I love Beyonce and hip-hop! For more on my obsessions and interests, feel free to check out my blog.