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Beach makeup should look light and fresh, not like you’re going out to the club. But that doesn’t mean you have to let your face go bare. Here are some simple tips on how to rock makeup at the beach, without it looking overstated.

Beautiful Beach Makeup Tips

  •  Use a tinted sunscreen or mix a dab of foundation in with your regular sunscreen. You want to stay protected from those harsh rays!
  • When you apply concealer, keep in mind that creamy formulas will melt right away. Go for a powder foundation instead. Use a small brush to apply it over the areas that need coverage, but forget about powder as it’ll cake in no time.
  • You can get away with a little tinted blush too; peachy and coral tones look flattering under the sunlight.
  • Can’t live without eyeliner? Swap black for a fun vibrant color, such as turquoise or electric blue, in a liquid formula. Curl your lashes and apply two coats of  mascara. Brown mascara looks more natural, and you can use it to comb your brows as well. Go with waterproof everything! Keep the lips subtle with lip balm.
  • If you prefer to make your lips the center of attention, then choose a bright shade like tangerine. Always avoid dark colors, they look too heavy for the beach. Extra tip: apply foundation to your lips first to make your lipstick really last.
  • A notice-me nail color that contrasts with your swimsuit will make you stand out too. And oh, don’t forget to pack blotting paper for quick touch-ups.

Try out these tips and flaunt a beautiful beach makeup look this summer. Do you wear makeup to the beach? If so, please share your tips below!