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Curling your hair isn’t always the easiest of tasks. There are many different ways you can curl your hair— whether it be the classic curl with the clamp, wrapping hair around the iron or twisting the hair for more of a funky, wavy look. Regardless of what look you’re looking for, it’s important to invest in a curling iron that will work well and last long. There’s no sense in continually buying a cheap curling iron when you can buy one that’s high quality and will continue to work much longer. Here are the best curling irons of all-time:
1. Hot Tools Helix Ceramic Curling Iron

Hot Tools puts out an incredible line of curling irons that will protect your hair from damage and give you natural-looking, gorgeous curls. This iron in particular is ceramic, which is always the way to go with heat tools. Ceramic irons distribute heat more evenly than regular curling irons, which can actually burn your hair (ouch!).
2. Bellami 6-in-1 Curling Iron

This set is the most beloved of all curling irons. You get 6 attachments in one box and can achieve 6 different types of curls. Not to mention the quality of each attachment head is incredible and makes for quick and efficient curling.
3. NuMe 4-Play Curling Wand

Yet another amazing set of curling wands is the NuMe 4 Play. This set includes a mini wand for tight, tiny curls, all the way up to a large 32 mm barrel for larger, loose curls. Much like the suggestive name of this set, these curling wands get seriously hot— and you’ll only need to hold your hair on the barrel for a few seconds. Don’t worry though, the ceramic technology will help protect your hair and even keep the moisture locked in your strands!
4. Hot Tools Professional Marcel Curling Iron

This curling iron is deemed “professional”, which makes sense as it is often used by the best in the biz. The long handle allows for more control and even locks and rotates for seamless curling. What’s more, the barrel is made of 24 karat gold plating—hair styling fit for a queen (at a reasonable price, to boot!).
5. Sultra Beauty Curling Wand

Much like the other wands listed here, this wand is super easy to use and even comes with a glove to protect your hands from the heat of the wand.

What is your all-time favorite curling iron?