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Question: What is the best eyeshadow for my eye color?

Answer: They say that your eyes are the window to the soul. What better way to dress up your windows than with some fabulous shades of color! Eyeshadow is an excellent way to brighten up a daytime or nighttime look and can highlight the most important part of your face. Because there are so many colors to choose from, however, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of shadows. Whether your peepers are blue, green, hazel, or brown, we’ve got the perfect shade to show off your windows!

Blue eyes are envied by all, mainly because they sparkle on their own. Girls with blue eyes can rock any shadow color they want, but warm, neutral colors like peach, bronze, or champagne will really make your eyes pop. Swiping a light beige shade with a little sparkle, like Urban Decay’s Urban Cowboy, is perfect for an everyday look. If you want something a bit more bold for nighttime, go for metallics! Silver, gold, and even steely gray shadows will complement your blue eyes just as well. For even more of a pop, line your inner lids with a black gel pencil eyeliner, like this waterproof liner from Sephora.

Green eyes are the easiest color to accentuate because green-eyed girls are so eccentric and beautiful. (I have green eyes, I’m a little biased as you can tell.) Typically, shades of purple shadow help green eyes stand out. But if you’re going for a more subtle color, rust and sepia shadows will show off your green eyes as well. For casual, everyday use, use Maybelline’s Eye Studio Shadow palette in copper. When you want to go all out, mix Urban Decay’s bright purple Betrayal shadow with the black iridescent Prank shadow on my outer edges. Both of these shadows can be found in Urban Decay’s Vice 2 palette.

Brown-eyed girls have, by far, the most color options. Due to the fact that brown is so neutral, any color will pop all on its own. Go for a dramatic look with bright colors. If you’re a bit more demure, highlight your brown eyes with light, toffee hues in beige, bronze, and gold. For some more color, try swiping your lids with navy blue liquid eyeliner for a sexy, unexpected cat eye.

Like brown eyes, hazel eyes are neutral and can be experimented with using all the colors of the rainbow. With hints of green mixed with hues of brown, hazel-eyed girls are almost as eccentrically beautiful as green eyed girls (Just kidding, every eye color is stunning, especially with a splash of eyeshadow!) Those with hazel eyes can play with any shadow they choose, from steely gray to dusty rose to eggplant and even chocolate brown. If you’re trying to bring out your eye color, steer clear of any gold or beige shadows that will wash out your eye color. A bright pink shadow like Urban Decay’s Woodstock is great for a night out, or a regular work day, if you’re feeling daring!

No matter what eye color you have, you’re now prepared with the proper tools to really show them off! Did your favorite eyeshadow brand or color make the list? Let us know!

  • Lucy

    Great tips.