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Question:  What are the best flat irons for wavy hair?

Answer: Ah, flat irons. I remember in middle school when I realized just how out of control my hair could get. One day, a hair stylist flat ironed my hair and I felt as though I had been given the best early Christmas present in the world — a flat iron would solve of all my problems. After doing a little research and experimenting over the years with irons, I found that quality really does matter. This is not the time to be frugal or skip out on reading product reviews. Curling irons, on the other hand, are a completely different story!

I have found that hair prep is key when it comes to getting the best results with a flat iron. If you are straightening your hair in the morning, it’s a great idea to wash your hair the night prior and let it air dry. Personally, I comb my hair before bed, which helps me avoid excess heat damage by not using a blow dryer. In my experience, using a blow dryer makes my already-thick-hair even more voluminous — which really isn’t necessary.

In the morning, I brush it out using a comb or hair brush, and then use a heat protector. My favorite ones are Chi 44 Iron Guard and TREsemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer. Let it dry and begin with the iron.

Irons: I cannot stress this enough: whatever you do, do not use a wet-to-dry flat iron. This is terrible for your hair, and really won’t cut down on prep time all that much! I tried this in high school and it was a disaster. You want to keep your hair healthy, and cutting 5 minutes out of your beauty routine simply isn’t worth the sacrifice.

The Chi Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic 1″ – Mine is in pink! This iron is under $100 and can be purchased online and in stores at a variety of retail outlets. This is a great option for a flat iron, Chi has always been a leader in producing top quality flat irons, this one being one of the more affordable options. I’ve had this iron for a few years, and it has held up very well. I like this iron more for those moments where my hair is very voluminous. You can really feel the strands in the iron, it feels as though you have more control over the styling with this one. This iron is also great for curling your hair with a flat iron.

GHD Gold 1″ Styler– GHD is another top quality iron brand. When I went to visit a friend, I used her GHD flat iron and was just amazed by it. Literally blown away. It flattened my hair so quickly and made it feel so healthy. This is my go-to iron. While it was a little tricky to get used to (I felt I had less control with the styling), it can all be chalked up to the fact that it just handles a bit differently. This iron — and the brand in general — is a bit pricier. These irons are an investment, but I have had mine for a couple years or so — in other words, it holds up for sure! Even though thick, wavy hair typically takes more effort to flat iron, I feel GHD does a great job in making it a relatively simple task.

When getting an flat iron for difficult-to-tame-hair, invest in a long-lasting iron that will deliver optimal results. The irons mentioned above will definitely do the trick!

Have you tried these flat irons? What did you think?