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Question: What is the best foundation for acne prone skin?

Answer: If your skin is prone to breakouts, putting on makeup can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it helps cover up redness and even out your skin tone, but on the other hand, foundation can sometimes seem to accentuate blemishes. It’s important to pick your foundations carefully and choose a formula that will work best with your skin type.

Before we get to the foundations, it’s important to note some key steps to take in your makeup application regimen to help prevent further breakouts:

1. Always clean your makeup brushes. Makeup brushes can become contaminated with bacteria, dirt, and oil, so make sure to thoroughly cleanse them with soap and water as often as possible so that you don’t keep depositing the same gunk over and over again, clogging your pores.

2. Wash your face every day and night. Remove the day’s grease and grime from your face with a gentle cleanser or exfoliator with warm water in the morning and before you go bed.

3. Use gentle brushes. Applying foundation with a brush helps create a beautiful airbrushed finish, and (when cleansed regularly) is more hygenic than using your fingers. However, if you opt for a cheaper quality brush that’s a bit rough, you can actually end up doing more damage to your skin and irritate it which is never a good thing to do with acne prone skin. Choose a high quality foundation brush that’s soft and gentle.

Now, on to the products!

One of my favorite foundations, which I’m constantly recommending, is Revlon ColorStay foundation for combination/oily skin. This foundation offers amazing coverage while giving a matte finish. There’s nothing worse than an oily foundation when you have oily skin, so rest assured: this foundation will give you that porcelain finish we all lust after. Sometimes all you want is a foundation that will actually help hide those pesky pimples without drawing attention to them. However, because of the degree of coverage that this offers, proceed with caution and vow to use only small amounts.

Another great foundation is Clinique Acne Solutions. With a name like that, its easy to feel comfortable knowing that its aim is to help take care of blemished skin! Salicylic acid, a proven acne medication, is built right into this foundation so you can fight acne while looking lovely.

Also try Neutrogena SkinClearing foundation for oil-free, skin-clearing makeup that also helps prevent future breakouts.

When searching for foundations, look for the term “non-comedogenic”, which means that it won’t clog pores. Oil-free formulas are also definitely a must, as well as something light that won’t leave you with that cakey appearance, which could make your breakouts appear even larger (yikes!).

Did your favorite foundation make the list?