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Question: What are the best hair extensions for beginners?

Answer: Hair extensions vary based on hair type. Also, the method for putting them in depends on preference (and also your budget—some extensions can be pretty pricey!). All things aside, hair extensions can change your look in no time at all and totally come to the rescue when your hair stylist took way more length off than that “trim” you asked for.

For starters, you need to choose between synthetic hair and human hair (also known as Remy) extensions. Don’t be freaked out by the notion of using someone else’s hair—companies  take great care in choosing the finest quality human hair and preserve the locks so that the hairs all run in the same direction for seamless blending with your existing hair. Synthetic hair gets the job done and is much less expensive than Remy hair, but the quality isn’t always as good. When you use synthetic hair, the hair usually can’t be styled with heat tools or it will actually melt! If you like to straighten and curl your hair often, go for human hair.

There are several methods to put your extensions in your hair such as fusion, tape, and clip extensions. Fusion extensions are time consuming and take a ton of practice, unless you’re getting them done in the salon. Fusion extensions are tiny sections of hair that are bonded to thin sections of your own hair with a heat tool that glues the hair on. They’re pretty difficult to remove, but they last quite a while.

Tape extensions aren’t very easy to apply yourself, but can be done with practice. The end result is pretty seamless and they last for about 4-8 weeks, though they can be tricky to take out. If you’re a beginner and choose the tape option, I suggest having a salon do it the first few times.

Clips are a great option for beginners. After some practice, they’re easy to apply yourself, and can be removed for washing and sleeping. You can insert as many or as few sections as you want, and add or remove as often as you’d like.

The trick to extensions is making them look as much like your hair as possible. This means that you may have to dye the extensions, as matching can be difficult. Also, take care of your extensions by using a thermal protecting spray before using heat tools so they stay as healthy-looking as possible.

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