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What are the best jeans for my body type?

Answer: With so many different styles on the market, finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a royal challenge. And we often find ourselves buried under piles of jeans in the fitting room. Not to mention keeping up with denim trends can be an even bigger task. High-waisted, boyfriend, flared, light wash—the list goes on! Thankfully, there are certain cuts and styles that are guaranteed to look great on specific shapes. Check out these tips so you can find the best denim style for your body type:


If you have an athletic body, you’re definitely going to want to choose a style of denim that shows off your toned legs. Finding the perfect pair that fits well in both the thigh and butt area can be somewhat of a challenge if you’re an athlete, so go for a pair of medium to dark wash flared or boot cut jeans. These styles will work well with your muscular legs up top, and the flare at the bottom will balance out your calves beautifully.


High-waisted jeans are super flattering on curvy girls because they bring attention to your classic hourglass shape. The high cut also enhances your natural curves, and if you go for a lighter wash, the effect becomes even more pronounced and gorgeous. High-waisted jeans and shorts are going to be all the rage for summer this year, so get ready to take full advantage!


Petite ladies can pull off faded and light wash jeans amazingly well, but they should be careful to look for jeans that don’t have loud embellishments on the back pocket areas. Instead, vouch for jeans that have a simple plain backing, like a pair of boyfriend jeans. The boyfriend style works well for petite bodies, as these types of jeans tend to be slightly cropped—so you won’t have trouble finding a pair that sit at the right length if you’re on the shorter side.


If you’re tall, skinny jeans are your best friend. Since skinnies fit so snugly on the body, they really help emphasize long legs. Look for a pair that have a medium to lower cut waist—a high-waisted pair will shorten your torso. As far as color, a medium wash looks great on tall girls. Dark jeans will detract visually from the length of your legs, while jeans that are too light tend to shrink your bottom half disproportionately.