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Question: What is the best makeup for a first date?

Answer: Before anything else, pamper yourself (and get into relaxation mode) with a soft exfoliating scrub to get rid of those dead skin cells. After that, prep your skin with a face mask.

Embrace simplicity

Your makeup should enhance your features without coming across as too overdone, so show off your eye shadow layering skills for a night with the girls. For him, though, you don’t want to wear too much makeup, as it will distract his attention from…well…you. You don’t want to look as though you spent three hours getting ready, right? Okay, maybe you did—but he doesn’t need to know.

BB cream

To look fresh and radiant without looking cakey, go with a BB Cream. Need more coverage? Go ahead and apply a second layer. If you feel more confident wearing foundation, look for a light non-transfer formula.

Cream blush

Mix a small amount of luminizer with your BB Cream or foundation before applying. Dab a cream blush onto your cheeks. Cream blush blends super smoothly onto the skin and looks much more natural compared to powder blush. Addicted to contouring? Keeping it subtle is key here. Go for a bronzer that’s just slightly darker than your skin tone, and apply beneath the apple of your cheeks.

Blend, blend, blend

You’ll want to get rid of any visible lines, so it’s important to take the time to correctly blend foundation and powder—especially down your neck. The same goes for concealer, blush and eye shadows.

Matte is key

Avoid any sticky or shimmery lip product; a matte lipstick works best. Press your lips between a napkin to ensure the color won’t end up on your teeth. To give your lips instant pout, simply add a bit of gloss onto the middle of your lower lip.

Simple brows

Your eyebrows should be groomed but not too dramatic. Now is not the time to attempt your first bold brow—so much could go wrong. Just fill in the gaps with an eye shadow in the same color as your brow hairs.

An elegant, easy hairdo

You’ll want a simple, chic hairstyle. Hairstyles that require a lot of pins, hairspray or tons styling products are a big no-no, as they may look stiff or too fancy. Go for soft waves, half-down hairstyles or even messy ponytails. To add shine, apply some oil or serum on the ends.

Stick with your signature scent

Use your regular perfume. Trust me—this isn’t the moment to try a new one, since you really don’t know whether or not it’s going to suit the chemistry of your skin. Plus, having a signature perfume will make him associate that essence with you. Of course, be sure to spritz with a light hand.

What’s your favorite beauty trick for a first date? Let us know!