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Question: How can I cover up a sunburn with makeup?

Answer: The best thing to do in this scenario is apply aloe onto the sunburn and give it time to heal. But, if you really need to cover it up (i.e. for an interview), here is a go-to guide with the best makeup for sunburns:

1) Look at the ingredients listed on skincare and makeup products. Be sure to use products that don’t contain irritants like citrus fruits, eucalyptus, peppermint oil, menthol or fragrance. Products that contain soothing elements such as aloe vera get extra points. Also, look for skincare that contains lactic acid, such as Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar, which will help with skin cell turnover (translation: peeling, dead skin). Do a spot test somewhere else—like your arm—so that you’re absolutely positive the formula won’t further irritate your skin.

2) Use sunscreen—preferably one with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide—so that you’ll be protected from getting even more sun damage. Be sure to wear sunglasses, a hat, SPF lip balm and other articles of clothing that will protect your skin from the sun.

3) To cover up redness or that unsightly white sunscreen aura, use a mineral foundation like bareMinerals—mineral products will be the least likely to irritate your skin, and they will still provide you with the coverage you want.