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Question: What are the best makeup palettes?


In the world of makeup, palettes are either a hit or miss. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the pretty colors, only to realize you just wasted thirty bucks on unusable shadows. I’ve been there! To avoid this pitfall, it’s important to note the product’s texture, finish, color, and price. So what defines a “good” palette? I have a few outstanding picks to share with you! You’ll never have to walk down the makeup aisle without a clue again!

Palette Pick 1

The drugstore actually has some great palette options. Take Maybelline’s Eye Studio Eye Shadow Quad, for example. These are small palettes, but they can still be used to create a complete look! They feel like butter, glide on easily, and blend like a dream. Plus, they’re very affordable!


Palette Pick 2

Nyx’s Love in Paris Eyeshadow Palettes. Again, what an affordable option! These shadows have a nice mix of mattes and shimmers, and can give you a more natural or smokey look depending on how you use them. The pigmentation is wonderful as well! No complaints about this product here!


Palette Pick 3

Wet n Wild Palettes. I know, I knowthe Wet n Wild pick may surprise you, but I promise you won’t be disappointed with these shadows! They are super cheap, but they’re some of the most buttery, soft shadows out there! The shimmery colors are gorgeous and there are many options. You can find these palettes just about anywhere, which is very convenient.


Palette Pick 4

Urban Decay Naked Palettes. These have a lot of hype behind them, and for good reason! If you want to purchase a high-end item and don’t already have a Naked palette, then this should definitely be your first makeup investment! There are twelve colors in each palette, all of the colors are pigmented and nice, and the product will literally last you forever! You can create so many different looks from these colors, and you can always make up new creations by mixing up the shadows. Who doesn’t love options?


Palette Pick 5

Lorac Pro Palettes. There are two Lorac Pro palettes. One is warm in tone and the other is cool in tone. Both are great options and can totally complete your eyeshadow collection. Of course, that’s not true if you’re a makeup junkie like me. Just one palette wouldn’t be enough, right? But, these palettes really do contain every color you would ever need! They are easy to use and blend nicely into the skin. This product also offers a great selection of mattes and shimmers. These palettes have a few more colors than the Urban Decay Naked palettes, but the two are incredibly comparable!

These are my top picks that I’d recommend to any makeup junkie or someone in search of quality makeup. Have you tried any of these palettes?