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I don’t like glitter; what are some great matte blushes?

Answer: It’s true: shimmery blush can sometimes be too much. If you’re a matte girl, don’t panic—with all the new formulas and styles of blushes out today, there’s no need to opt for shimmer. We’ve put together a list of the best matte blushes on the market to give you that oh-so-fantastic flush:

1. Make Up For Ever HD Blush

I recently discovered this blush and couldn’t believe how incredible it looked when applied. This is a cream blush that’s so light-weight that it effortlessly blends into your skin. Just use the pads of your fingers to lightly apply this blush to the apples of your cheeks, step back, and take a look at how much more alive your complexion is!

2. NARS Matte Multiple

This awesome cream blush can be used wet or dry (wet for a more sheer look, dry for more pigmentation). An added bonus? Dab this on your lips for an amazing lip color as well!

3. Bobbi Brown Blush

I can’t say enough how much I love Bobbi Brown’s products—they’re always high-quality and perfectly pigmented. These blushes work with virtually every skin tone and type. Bobbi also offers a pan palette (available in different quantities) where you can put a whole bunch of small blushes into one palette for travelling or easy storage.

4. NARS Blush

Be careful with this one, as not all NARS powder blushes are matte—but the ones that are will definitely give you a beautiful natural-looking flush that will last all day long.

5. e.l.f. Studio Blush

Much like the NARS blushes, not every shade is matte, but you won’t believe the color pay-off on a blush that costs less than your daily coffee order. I would definitely suggest stocking up on these blushes to change up your look and achieve a beautiful natural glow without breaking the bank.

Remember that this day and age, you’re not limited to powder blushes—especially those that give you an 80’s-type sparkle (yikes!). Try looking for creams and stains, as these formulas give such a natural look, sans shimmer. Regardless of the formula you choose, always strive to be light-handed when applying, as too much blush can look way overdone.

Did your favorite matte blush make the list?