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A lot of new and funky trends have sprouted up in the past several fashion seasons. But when you think of minimalist design, you probably think of monochromatic and structured items. Holographic designs, color blocking, and embellished pieces can be a bit daunting to someone who prefers a minimalist aesthetic. There’s nothing wrong with that! As a matter of fact, minimalist style is effortlessly chic, timeless, and polished.

The key to wearing minimalist shoe styles is to look for pairs with unique details that make them stand out from the crowd. The best thing about these shoes? They’ll most likely go with everything in your closet! Here’s a list of the best minimalist shoe styles that will satisfy those with modern taste:


To add a twist to the classic black bootie, look for something with a nice lining or with details that are different from the rest of the shoe.

White Heels

Go for an all white pair of pointy heels, or a white shoe with interesting texture. The color adds elegance to your outfit and is perfect for your minimalist style.


Minimalist style doesn’t always translate to black and white! Here are a fun pair of pumps with subtle details and a chunky heel, which makes for a chic statement.

Nude Sandals

Try a nude sandal with ankle straps. Besides a great way to elongate your legs and make you appear taller, this shoe will totally complement your outfit.

Metallic detail

You don’t want to go too crazy with metallic details. But, the slick look of a shoe with subtle metallic finishes is polished and clean.

Which style is your favorite?