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Question: What are the most bizarre fashion trends?

Answer: When I was young, I used to have extension braids all the time. Every month, I would receive new extensions and braid them into my natural hair. It was torture sitting in the hair stylist’s chair for 4-5 hours, with nothing to do other than feel my butt going numb. Along with the extension braids, the hair stylist would add colorful hair beads as an accessory. Hair beads were very popular for people with extension braids. Each braid was filled with bright colored beads. As a child, I thought colorful hair beads had to be the coolest accessory ever! I used to whip my hair from side to side, just to hear them click together.

Along with my colorful hair beads, I would pair my look with the tattoo chokers. Every weekend, I would visit my local hair supply shop and purchase 4-5 neon color tattoo chockers to match my hair beads. I remember creating a 4th of July theme with red, white, and blue chokers and hair beads. I thought it looked awesome! Gosh, I was obsessed with this fashion trend. I’ve seen so many girls in my neighborhood follow this trend as well. An old friend of mine used to have the glow-in-the-dark hair beads. During sleepovers, the only thing I saw was her glowing hair beads in the dark. She also had the glow-in-the-dark tattoo choker. She was like a human night light.

Looking back on my questionable fashion choices as a child, I learned that adding hair beads to extensions added extra weight to my hair, which exhausted my natural hair over time. Also, I looked ridiculous and bizarre with the matching hair beads and tattoo chokers. This bizarre combination may look great during the summer or vacation. But, on a daily basis, it is a fashion no-no.

Note to self: make better fashion accessory choices!