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Black and white fashion embodies elegance, strength, simplicity, and serenity. A strong woman is an elegant woman, and a simple woman is always a serene woman. You have to understand the inspiration behind minimalist design. You don’t just put on some random white or black clothes and call it minimalist fashion. Dressing this way is realizing that things are complex, but choosing to be simple. Let it go. This is how I see minimalist fashion: an art that’s subtle and unique.

Here are some ways to embrace black and white fashion and pull off that minimalist look:

1. Play with shapes, shades, and textures.

White reflects light and black absorbs light. Use that to your advantage! Embrace the way your white blazer makes your shoulders wider and more square. Balance your top with a pair of black, tight pants. No skinny jeans though, please. It might sound weird, but give it a try! Play with proportions, and see how these two colors can change your body shape in seconds!

2. The accessories.

Keep accessories as simple as possible. Modest earrings and a choker necklace work well most of the time. However, if you’re like me and can’t help but wear every accessory you can, add a simple silver bracelet and a tasteful watch. I personally prefer silver accessories, but it all depends on your skin tone. Matte white, matte black, and transparent items are often ignored, but they can change your whole outfit. If you’re not into accessories, paint your nails matte white or my personal favorite, matte black. Get inspired with nail art and have fun!

3. Shoes.

I love all shoes from flats and high heels, to how-am-I-going-to-walk-in-these shoes! For minimalist style, choose wisely. Black ankle boots, simple brogue-inspired shoes, sandals, black high heels, or any shoe with a clean design will do.

4. Bags.

 Again, keep it simple. An understated clutch will save most outfits. Choose something clean with elegant details.

How do you wear black and white fashion?