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Question: How do I go from dyed black hair to blonde hair?

Answer: Going from super dark hair to blonde hair can be a long, rigorous process! In this scenario, the healthiest way to make the transition would be to go see a professional.

First, your hairstylist would bleach your hair. Warning: This can be very damaging —so be careful! Be sure to find someone with experience that can lead you in the right direction when coming up with a timeline to finish it. If your hair is really, really dark, it might take a few appointments to lighten it up completely. And definitely don’t try this step at home; dying your hair yourself is one thing, but bleaching can be dangerous and can potentially ruin your hair if you aren’t careful. So basically, be safe and smart about bleaching (if you want your hair to stay beautiful).

After your stylist has bleached your hair, then you can dye your hair the shade of blonde you want. I am a natural blonde myself, so I can always spot the mistake people make while picking a blonde shade, aka: mixing colors! Natural blonde hair has a million colors in it if you look closely, so find a hairdresser that can give you different highlights and lowlights that will blend with your color —  which will help disguise any leftover darkness in your hair!

After putting your hair through all these steps, remember that hair care is key. Use color-safe blonde shampoos to enhance your color and make it last, while using super hydrating products and conditioning treatments to repair any damage. A trim helps, too!