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As a New Yorker, the all black outfit has pretty much become my uniform. Unpacking my luggage a few days before my wedding, my sister took a look in my closet and asked if I was aware that I was getting married and not attending a funeral. A lot of people find that bright colors make them pop and feel energized, but black (done right) is fierce, and not to mention easy to transition from day to night.

A common question, however, is how to pull off all black without looking like a goth. Here are a few tips to mastering the look:

1. Incorporate a variety of textures

Whether it be leather, fur, fringe or sheer, the textures you incorporate into an outfit can break up the look and add a touch of style. You’ll look very contemporary and your outfit will be a lot more fun to wear

2. Wear Contrasting Silhouettes

When I think of the goth kids from the ’90s, what comes to mind is their drab, loose-fitting clothing that often melded together into a dark blob of a silhouette. Break up your all black outfit with different silhouettes. Try incorporating pieces with contrasting shapes and structures into your look. Pair a long sleeve shirt with a short skirt, or a baggy top with fitted bottoms.

3. Gold accents add a touch of refinement

Gold and black are a classic and fail-safe combination that works for just about any look. Even the most subtle touch, like a small gold belt buckle, can elevate an all black outfit to take you from the office to after-work drinks.

4. Add a statement piece

Even if the statement piece is black, a little embellishment creates a focal point for the look. Don’t be afraid to add bold jewelry or even a graphic print to your outfit

How do you style your all black outfit?