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You receive an invite, only to learn that it’s a black tie event. Okay, okay, don’t freak.  What do I wear to a black tie event? How formal is it? Are we talking about club formal, or like VMA formal? 

Don’t worry, reader, we’ve all been in your place. Black tie events are personally my favorite events because they’re the perfect excuse to dress up. These events require your top-notch, fancy shmancy clothing. That means—no jeans, no casual attire! Save the jeans for another day, and whip out your floor length dresses and arm candy!

The whole theme of black tie events is elegance.  This makes a floor length dress the safest bet when it comes to a black tie event. This way, you don’t risk being too casual. You can also opt for a short black dress, but make sure your dress isn’t too short! Keep the colors of your dress elegant; colors such as black, jewel, tan etc). This is NOT the time to pull out your hot pink dress or denim T-Shirt dress.  If you don’t have a formal dress, don’t fret! A formal white blouse paired with a pencil skirt (that isn’t too short, of course) would work just the same.

After you’ve got the dress part down, throw on some arm candy. Perhaps add a statement necklace, bangles, or even pearl earrings. Don’t forget the clutch as well!

Of course, we can’t forget about our makeup! I mean, our makeup is what will really tie the outfit together.  Choose to bring out your eyes OR your lips! One or the other, folks. Opt for a subtle smokey eye (nothing too dramatic), paired with a light pink lip. Or if you decide you want to bring out your lips instead, opt for a neutral eye shadow look paired with a bold red lip.

Your skin is also an important key factor. You want to look flawless, but not cakey! Use a B.B. cream, or foundation. Conceal any dark spots.  Don’t forget to bring some blotting sheets in your purse, and to powder your face before taking a picture.

Most of all, enjoy the night! Get out there and be confident. If Lady Gaga can be confident in a meat dress, you can be confident in anything. Remember, keep it classic and chic! Stay fabulous!