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Question: What’s the best makeup for blue-green eyes & dirty blonde hair?

Answer: Great question! That’s the exact same hair and eye color that I have, so this is just perfect.

For blue-green eyes, you can use colors that make either the blue or the green in your eyes pop. Here are the colors I like best:

Bring out the blue: Brown, bronze, gold, taupe, peach

Bring out the green: Pink, purple, taupe, grey/silver, brown

Since your hair color is relatively light, you don’t want to do anything too harsh. As a blonde, I never purchase black sunglasses, because it just looks too intense up against my Aryan features.

With a 5-minute makeup look, you shouldn’t have a problem with your makeup looking too harsh. Let’s take a look at the steps:

Step 1: Concealer

If you have pretty clear skin, feel free to skip the heavy foundation in the morning. It’ll save you some time (I know foundation takes me the longest out my whole routine) and your skin will be able to breathe! If you have a few blemishes, just spot treat them with concealer and dab a little powder on them to keep it all in place.

Step 2: Eyebrows

If you have full eyebrows like me, you’re going to want to tame them. Fill them in if you need to, but don’t forget to apply brow gel so that they stay all day.


Step 3: Eyeshadow

The moment you’ve been waiting for! I know when I’m rushing around in the morning, I usually don’t take the time to blend out creases or incorporate three different colors. That’s why, for my five minute face, I do a one-shadow look. I like to use cream shadow best, since I can apply it with my finger — no brushes necessary! On most days, I use a pretty, shimmery gold shade all over the lid and blend outward.

Step 4: Mascara

I don’t always have time for eyeliner in the morning, but there’s always time for mascara! If you’re worried about black looking too harsh against your fair features, try a dark brown or espresso shade.

Step 5: Blush

Just like cream eyeshadow, I prefer to use cream blush over powder in the morning so I can just use my fingers. Plus, cream blushes gives such a beautiful glow to the skin!

Step 6: Lips

Swipe on your favorite lip color of choice, and you’re free to go! I’ve always found that bright or matte lip colors, especially found in lipstick, are too bold for the workplace. Instead, I like to use either a shiny lip gloss or a neutral colored lipstick (don’t forget to reapply after lunch).

I hope this was helpful to you! Let me know if you have any other questions.