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 What type of bob haircut is right for your face shape?

Answer: Looking for a fabulous new haircut for spring and summer? For a style that never seems to fade with each passing season, we recommend the classic bob. Back and bolder than ever, it’s the perfect way to reinvent yourself and stand out among all the pixie cuts and long, wavy hairstyles—but before you make a drastic change, it’s important to consider your face shape and features. Whether short, long, or layered, there’s a perfect bob haircut for every age, face shape, hair texture and body size. These tips will have you booking your next salon appointment in no time:


Our personal favorite this season is the “Cleopatra” bob, made famous by Elizabeth Taylor, who wore this popular hairstyle in the 1963 film of the same name. In just the past few weeks, pop stars Rihanna and Katy Perry have been spotted wearing a Cleo-inspired bob­­ (blunt bangs and all). This cut doesn’t have to be restricted to celebrities, as it’s also perfect for an oval face shape if you have straight or fine to medium hair texture. However, it isn’t the most flattering on strong, angular jawline or narrow face shapes due to its straight fringed ­bangs and rigid edges. Since bangs are a signature to the Cleo cut, it’s best to leave the fringe slightly longer (just barely skimming the eyes for a peekaboo effect), ­­especially for those with larger foreheads. We realize it isn’t the easiest look to pull off, but women with oval ­shaped faces can rock this cut with panache, tapping into their inner exotic Egyptian queen with confidence.


To achieve the angular look, women who have round face shapes are perfect for layered bob cuts. Try layers that end at the jawline, to create dimension. Although these layers add volume and symmetry to the face, limit the volume to the crown of the head rather than the sides of your face. Side­swept bangs work to offset the roundness of the face.


If you have more of a long face, go for a sleek bob that falls right at the chin. A deep part will add fullness to the face, making it look more round.


This face shape is quite delicate, so opt for a bob that narrows at the chin to draw attention to the cheekbones and eyes. A mid­length bob is extremely flattering, as hair that ends just under the chin will add fullness to the jaw area. A deep side part or side­swept bang will add softness.


Since a square­ shaped face is very strong with prominent features, your bob should hit just below the jaw so your other facial features are brought out. A short bob with many layers and bangs works, too. The short pieces will detract attention from your angular jawline to the upper part of your face. You can also vouch to part your hair in the center, so the square shape is made more asymmetrical.

Worried none of these may be for you? You can bet on the “lob,” which is beauty talk for a long bob. With no layers and blunt ends, it’s a must-have haircut for any face shape and works for everyone. Why? It’s not too long or short. Another tip for women fortunate enough to have naturally high cheekbones: try the asymmetrical bob cut to complement your cheekbones.

A flattering haircut is powerful, and can be an easy way to take you out of a beauty or style rut. Think of how your beauty can be enhanced with a few snips here and there. If you decide to emulate the Cleopatra-esque style or go for a simple, sleek bob, it’s sure to freshen up your look and serve as an instant confidence booster.

So, what will be your next bob haircut?