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Question: I have brown eyes, brown hair & pale skin; what makeup should I wear? 

Answer: I have the same features (brown hair, brown eyes and pale skin), so I can answer from my experience.

For everyday makeup, I use BB cream (I’m nº30 in Maybelline’s BB cream). For the cheeks, I use a light pink blush  just a bit. For the eyes, I use neutral colours like beige, sometimes brown and white to brighten my eyes. If you choose these colours, apply the beige all over the lid, from lash line to brow bone. Then, apply the brown shade from lash line to crease. Last, apply the white shade to the brow bone and inner corner (around tear duct). Of course, don’t forget mascara and just a little bit of lip gloss. I use this kit for my everyday makeup:


For night makeup or a special occasion, I use the same BB cream. It looks so natural, and your skin will look flawless! I apply bronzer on the cheekbones, and a little bit of pink blush. For the eyes I use beige, brown and black. Sometimes I change out the beige for a more colorful hue. I also use white for a bright-eyed makeup look. I apply the beige shade all over lid from lash line to brow bone. Next, the brown color is applied from lash line to crease. I use the black and apply a little above the brown shade, and then blend for a smoky effect. You can use eyeliner if you’d like; I prefer mascara. Last, vouch for a bold red lipstick (it’s perfect for pale skin).


Tip: For brown eyes, never use blue eyeshadow.