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Question: How can I avoid the cakey makeup look?


Cakey makeup is a common problem when it comes to makeup. The term “cakey” describes the stiff feeling you get when you have too much makeup on. Yuck! But thankfully, there are a number of ways to avoid the cakey makeup look.

Makeup tips and tricks

1. Apply moisturiser before adding your foundation 

Apply moisturizer day and night. Moisturizers immediately revive skin and soak up any dry patches around the face. When you have dry skin and apply foundation, the product tends to stick to these dry areas and creates a flaky, uneven cakey look.

2. Find your perfect foundation shade

Sometimes you buy a foundation shade that couldn’t be any more different from your skin tone and end up looking like an Oompa Loompa.We’ve all done it. It’s difficult to find the “perfect shade” of foundation, especially when it comes to drugstore brands, which tend to offer less color options. Also, the lighting in department stores can really look unflattering. To find a good foundation, take some time to really examine different shades. Consider your skin’s undertone and decide if you have a warm or cool tone. Look at your veins. Are they more purple and blue? You may have cool tones. If they’re greenish blue, you have warm tones. Try and find some foundation samples and test them on your wrist or your jawline. If you’re buying a drugstore brand, you may have to settle on trial and error. Consider the questions above and avoid buying a shade that looks really unnatural.

3. Find a foundation that works with your skin 

Some foundations don’t mix well with certain skin types. If your makeup looks cakey, your foundation may not be the right consistency. Certain mousses or powder foundations and concealers can completely dry out skin and make it look worse. If you’re experiencing this, stick to a liquid foundation that blends easily into the skin. Sometimes powders and mousses are difficult to blend and appear to “sit” on the skin. This looks unnatural.

4. Change the way you are blending your foundation 

There isn’t really a right or wrong way to blend foundation. However, if you still get that cakey look, consider changing the way you apply your makeup. I usually apply my foundation with my fingers. I make sure that I’ve sanitized my hands and then I dab on the foundation in dots around my face. I blend it the same way I would a moisturizer. If this technique doesn’t work for you, use a makeup brush or a sponge and see whether using these tools makes a difference!

5. Think about the overall makeup look

There are other makeup products other than foundations and powders that can contribute to the cakey look. Bronzers, blushes, and eye shadows have a powdery consistency. If you layer these items over foundation, your makeup will look even heavier! To achieve a more natural look, find products like these in subtle shades. For example, instead of a bold pink blush, look for a peachy, golden colored blush or try a cream blush! Another great way to tone down a cakey look is to use a highlighter. It can make your skin look dewey and fresh!

Follow these tips to prevent another cakey makeup day! The great thing about makeup is that it’s all about trial and error. Test out products and you’ll begin to understand what works for you!