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Question: Can chocolate cause acne?

Answer: Chocolate is the snack of choice for many people around the world. While no foods (including chocolate) can cause acne, chocolate does contain certain ingredients (such as sugars and fats) that can potentially worsen acne. Get the dish before you throw out your chocolate stash:

The acne basics

Pimples are formed when dead skin cells and sebum from oil glands clog your pores. This pimple formation process can become more severe due to excessive oil in skin. Hormones and inflammation can both irritate acne.

So, can chocolate cause acne?

Ingredients such as sugar and saturated fats increase insulin levels—which, in effect, increases inflammation in your body and may worsen acne. It should be noted that the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology has stated that, while some acne sufferers are affected in this way by chocolate, it is a rare scenario. Eliminating chocolate from one’s diet, though, would minimize pimples in this extremely rare group of individuals.

Keep in mind…

There are a few things to take into consideration before deciding whether or not chocolate should remain in your diet. For example, you should know that it might take up to six months before you notice any improvements after you do away with chocolate. Also, you may potentially be allergic to other foods which lead to pimples—so eliminating chocolate from your diet may not give you the results you want. Consider keeping a diary to track your breakouts after eating certain foods. For optimal results, consult a dermatologist about your specific problem.