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Question: How can I create a gray smokey eye look?

Answer: The key to a good gray smokey eye look is blending. It’s best to lay down a transition color all over the lid and into the crease to help the darker shadows blend out.

A transition color can be anything that is similar to your skin tone, or slightly darker. Then, start with your lightest gray and work that into the crease with a fluffy brush and blend, blend, blend. Next, take a darker gray and blend that into the crease and pull it down onto your lid just a little. It’s best to use a more precise brush for this color rather than a big fluffy one. After this, go in with a clean blending brush and blend some more. Finally, take the darkest gray and run that along your lash line, pulling it upward until it meets the last gray you put down. Blend these two together to create a gradient effect. For this step, a flat shader brush will help to keep the color from falling all over the place. Then, again, go in with a clean blending brush and blend everything together. Add eyeliner if you’d like, top it off with some mascara, and you’re good to go!

You can use this technique with any color you’d like. Moving from light to dark helps everything to blend together nicely, so keep that in mind when creating any look. The transition color also helps the other shadows smoke out and saves a little time when it comes to blending. Shadows blend easily when they’re on top of another shadow.

Enjoy your flawless gray smokey eye!