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Question: How can I pull off ombre lipstick?

Answer: Ombre lips may at first seem difficult to recreate yourself, but they actually are extremely simple! The first step is deciding what kind of ombre lip you would like to go for. You could do a bold two-color ombre (such as orange and pink, or black and red—as seen above), or you could go for all one color, like the all-red ombre lip.

When it comes to creating your own ombre lipstick look, all you need are two products of your choice. The first should be a slightly darker shade, which could either be lip liner or lipstick. And the second product should be the lighter of the two (usually a lipstick, as this will be applied to the inner portions of the lip).

For a simple red ombre lip (pictured above), I used two very affordable products! First, I used a dark burgundy lip liner from Jordana Cosmetics in the shade Cabernet. With this liner I outlined my outer lips and started to drag it in towards the center (careful, you don’t want to fill in the whole lip with this).

Then, using a brighter red lipstick from the Wet n Wild Fergie collection in Saraghina, I filled in the inner portions of my lips.

Finish up by applying a bit more of the darker lip liner over the outer corners of your lips, just to enhance the ombre effect. This will create that seamless gradient effect that you’re going for, and it’ll look as though the lighter color is fading out into the darker color.

Repeat this process with the products and colors of your choice to get any ombre lip look you desire!

Also, another great way to create ombre lips in one step is by using a great new product by Hard Candy. This product is a lipstick that has a small strip of a darker shade on the outside and a lighter shade on the inside, so it basically does all the work for you!

And there you have it! Simple as one…two…yeah, just two. Go get your ombre lip game on, girlllll!

What is your favorite ombre lipstick look? Do you prefer a natural gradient, or a more harsh effect?