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Question: How can I wear colorful leggings or tights?

Answer: It’s true, bright tights and leggings can be daunting and a little out there!  But, if you think your legs are your best feature, a punchy pair will definitely call attention to what you’ve got. A lot of us instinctively pair brightly colored tops with neutral bottoms, like a pair of jeans or a black skirt. This is because an outfit that features loud patterns, striking colors, or bold details needs to have balance.

Colorful and crazy leggings are extremely trendy right now. If you want to rock a pair, make sure to balance your look with a top and accessories that don’t compete with the bottom’s flashy pattern. This season’s denim shirt trend is the perfect complement to wild leggings like this spacey pair from Alexa Pope. With a neutral top, your pretty leggings will take center stage. Just remember, leggings are not a substitute for pants! Buy your shirt in a larger size than you normally would for extra coverage. Most of us aren’t brave enough to rock a crop top and skin-tight leggings, but if you are, go for it!

Remember that leggings and tights are not one and the same. While leggings can be worn with an over-sized shirt, tights are strictly for dresses and skirts. If you want to strut your stuff in some bright tights, keep the same rules in mind. Opt for something that will work with loud colors, like a classic little black dress. Choose tights with different colors, prints, and textures, like this fun pair from HUE. To top off your look, slip into some high black pumps, which will make your legs look longer in the tights and give them some pop!

Don’t be afraid to embrace the tight and be bright! Bare legs are overrated, anyway!