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Alongside their singing and acting talents, celebrities tend to enjoy shocking us with their outrageous fashion habits. But which celebrity fashion looks inspire us rather than outrage us? Here’s my top five list of celebrities who have pulled off some, erm, should we say quirky looks:

Top 5 Celebrity Fashion Looks

5. Madonna’s Jean Paul Gaultier Bodysuit

Okay, admittedly, this did happen before I was born. But, Madonna’s cone Jean Paul Gaultier bra was so bizarre that I just had to include it. Madge gets away with it because of her rocking body and sexy attitude. Go girl! Unfortunately, over the next ten years, women everywhere embraced the corset and got their cone boobs on: ouch!

4. Alexa Chung’s Silk Dress

Miss Chung is the queen of rocking outfits that other people wouldn’t be able to pull off. I am usually Alexa’s number one fan when it comes to her quirky style, but this two-piece silk number would look ridiculous on any other fashionista. There is some underlying magic in Alexa that allows her to flawlessly flaunt 3D florals, silk, peplums, bows, and shoulder pads all at the same time.

3. Is that a dude? No, wait, it’s Lady Gaga…

Lady Gaga is the Queen of quirky celeb fashion. But beyond the fails of the meat dress and the egg (oh, sorry, vessel), came this 100% dedicated performance to convince fellow musos at the VMAs that she was a random dude. And yep, she looked pretty darn suave while doing it too.

2. Katy Perry’s Various Candy Outfits

Who else could pull off dresses adorned with sweets? Whether it be lollipops, whipped cream, or, erm, movie-inspired pieces, the California girl’s food ensembles look cute, kitsch and, pin-up ready. Pass me the popcorn!

1. Beyonce’s Bootylicious Bodysuits

Who runs the world? Girls! The sassy beauty can flaunt her curves in a bodysuit like no other! She empowers women by showing them they don’t need to be a size zero to be sexy. Although others may find this hard to pull off, Queen Bey has the confidence and the body to make this outfit look flawless!

What’s your favorite celebrity fashion look?