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Question: What is a Chinese finger trap test, anyway?

Answer: Just when you thought we were done with lowly, standardized beauty tests, in comes the Chinese finger trap—an Asian beauty trend that has created some serious waves. And no, I’m not talking about BB cream.

To quench your thirst for information on the infamous finger trap test, here’s the scoop: Finger trapping is when you touch the tip of your nose (using your index finger) as your hand relaxes on the chin. If your finger doesn’t touch your lips, then apparently you’re officially beautiful.

However, there have been some mixed descriptions of the test floating around online. Various media outlets are reporting different versions of how to conduct this test, including Elle and The Telegraph, whose fashion journalists have reported that you pass the finger trap test if your lips do touch your index finger. The obvious confusion regarding how one would even go about conducting such a test is a definite testament to its absurdity.

What many of you may not know? The finger trap test’s origins can be traced all the way back to a Japanese meme, which was made popular when famous Chinese actress Xinyi Zhang made it very public that she did not pass the test. Since then, the finger trap test has appeared in thousands of Weibo discussions (one of China’s social media services).

Xinyi Zhang was not the only one who couldn’t pass the test. Dozens of Hollywood’s most beautiful men and women are in the same boat, including Victoria Beckham and Beyonce. To me, it just sounds like a test that condemns anyone with full lips, which seems ridiculous considering all the lip plumping beauty products on the market today.

The bottom line is that most of us aren’t taking all this finger trap business to heart—and rightfully so. Remember when the thigh gap was sweeping the media a few years ago? It is, yet again, another impossible beauty standard. Well, I have one of those thigh gaps but it’s not at all what it seems. I’m bowlegged, which means that my legs physically bow outward in relation to my thighs—making it so my thighs do not touch. If my leg bones were like most people’s, I would have a thigh gap and I’m fine with that. You see, the thigh gap is not all it’s made out to be and neither is the finger trap test. They’re really just as stupid as they sound.

We can all have a good laugh at another so-called beauty standard that proves absolutely nothing about true beauty. Every single one of us has different features, and as One Direction would say: “And that’s what makes you beautiful!”