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Question: How can I make classic makeup trends modern?

Answer: There are many makeup trends that stand the test of time.  The great news? There are simple ways to change them up to make classic trends modern and fresh.  The first trend that can be easily made modern is the classic cat eye with black liner: leave your eyelid completely bare, rather than using a matte light shadow.  Matte shadow can sometimes look overdone when combined with a bold liner.  If you’d like to add a little color, add a sheer application of a champagne highlight color.

If you want to get funky, replace black liner with navy blue.  Navy hues are so fresh and less harsh than black liners.  I personally prefer gel liners to liquid, because I find them easier to apply.  There are several great options at the drugstore, such as the Loreal Infallible Gel Lacquer Liner in Navy.  With an angled brush, creating the perfect modern flick is easy!

Another classic trend is the red lip.  I love playing around with texture to make this look fresh and new.  You could go very matte, using a product like the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.  If you prefer the other end of the spectrum, use a high sheen bright red gloss.  Glossy lips are very much trending for spring 2014, especially pairing a glossy red lip with neutral eye makeup and dewy skin.  A fab trick for making a red lip feel fresh is to take a red lipstick and use fingers to dab on, applying as a stain rather than a lipstick.  Very casual, very modern, very French.  With a light application, it is also a much more wearable option for those ladies who are a little wary of a bold lip. Orange lipsticks are another spring trend and are much more modern and playful than the typical blue-toned reds.

Finally, the smokey eye is a classic that can very easily be made modern.  Instead of using several different shades to create a gradient of smokiness, try using just one beautiful smokey color.  I like to take a gorgeous deep bronze shade and swipe it all over the lid and up to the crease.  Apply a generous coating of mascara and you’ve got a fresh (and easy!) spin on the smokey eye.