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Question: What’s the best way to clean makeup brushes?

Answer: Cleaning your makeup brushes is extremely important. Many experts say they should be cleaned weekly, so if you’re only doing it once a month or once every few months (or never!), it’s time to get scrubbing! Used makeup brushes can harbor bacteria, dirt, and oil, which is definitely not something you want to be buffing onto your skin each day. Clean brushes even make for better application, as there is no excess build-up from previous use. There are many ways to clean your brushes with either soaps or household products, so check out some of these simple techniques below:

  1. Some makeup brands sell their own brush cleaners like Make Up For Ever Travel Instant Brush Cleaner . This is super easy to apply: just spritz the product onto a tissue and wipe the brush. That’s it! Clean brushes in a snap. Not to mention they’ll smell minty fresh when you’re done!
  2. Another great technique is using dish soap and a sponge. Think about it—dish soap helps get rid of oil and grease from your dishes, so why not try it to remove the dirt and oil from your brushes? Wet your brush with warm water, then put a small drop of dish soap on the sponge and rub the brush on the sponge. This may take some time to clean depending upon how much product is caked into your brushes, but the end result is so worth it.
  3. When choosing just plain soap to clean your makeup brushes, choose something gentle like your daily facial cleanser or even baby shampoo. Remember—after you’re done, this brush will be used again on your face, so you don’t want to choose a soap that will be harsh or drying.
  4. A wonderful natural and inexpensive method is olive oil. Yes, in this case it’s actually okay to use an oily product to remove oil from your brushes. The properties in olive oil help to loosen built-up product, while also conditioning the bristles, leaving them silky-smooth. First, soak your brush in a small amount of olive oil, then wash with gentle soap and water to get rid of any excess oil.
  5. Another great item to add to your brush-cleaning regime is apple cider vinegar. With its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, apple cider vinegar will help clean and disinfect to a tee. Add a few teaspoons of this to your regular soap and water method for extra benefits.