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Question: What are the best clothes for pear body shapes?

Answer: Dressing to accommodate your body type is extremely important — not only does it make you look better, but it also makes you more confident in your own skin. Each individual’s body is unique, and finding clothes that will make you feel beautiful while also accentuating your best assets is one of the most wonderful favors that you can do for yourself.

Being pear shaped means that you have a slimmer upper body and broader hips. The goal with this shape is to elongate your already beautiful body and create that sought-after hourglass figure. You have all the right materials, so it’s all about finding the tools that will emphasize what you want!

Let’s start with tops and blouses that will bring attention to your arms and your slender upper body: Stay away from shapeless tops, as they will do absolutely nothing to help you reach your goals. Pick V neck tees and sleeveless shirts that will bring attention to that tiny waist and those great arms. Vouch for fun patterns and embellishments that will draw in the eye. When choosing a jacket, find the shorter ones that do not fall past the hips. This will make you look more proportionate and create that hourglass figure.

Now, let us move on to the pants. For a pear shape you want to wear flared, boot cut or wide leg. These cuts will remove the attention from your hips and create a smooth form. Choose the classic denim look or find fun colors like maroon, navy or chocolate brown. Choose pants that you feel most confident in and rock them!

Finally, the fun part! Dresses are a wardrobe must-have, and you will want the ones that’ll make you feel unstoppable. Pear shaped bodies should wear dresses that are fuller at the hips and slimmer on top. A-line skirts will also do the trick. Again, this will draw attention to your fabulous upper body and give you the figure you want.


Finding clothes that fit your body type is crucial to being confident with what you have. Look for pieces that will draw attention to what you love about yourself and the look will come together on its own!