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Who doesn’t love the infamous “We should grab a coffee sometime” line? The coffee date is both inexpensive and relaxing, and the setting itself couldn’t be more perfect—other people are around, but you and your date can still have an intimate conversation in your own little corner. The point of the date is to talk and get to know each other, so what you choose to wear is important. You don’t want to send the wrong message about who you are due to being inappropriately dressed or wearing something that doesn’t fit your personality.

Here are some cute coffee date outfit ideas I’ve compiled:

Wear your favorite pieces

When heading out on a coffee date, you are inevitably going to be a bit nervous—so be sure to wear your favorite statement piece for strength. It might be your favorite dress, or that jewelry piece that always makes you think of good times. Wearing something that you are comfortable in will make you feel at ease and more yourself. Your date might point out how unique it is and there goes another bit for a story about yourself that could be told. Plus, why spend money and time searching for the perfect outfit when it’s already in your closet?

Loose tops

When going on a date, especially something as simple as going for coffee, you don’t want to wear something tight and uncomfortable. When you put something too form-fitting on, you run the risk of sending off the wrong message. You want your date tuned into what you have to say—not how great your boobs look pushed up. You also don’t want to feel self conscious. As girls, sometimes we wear things outside of our comfort zones and all we can focus on is what the other person is thinking about what we’re wearing. You want to be answering the million questions your date has to ask you, not a million questions in your own head.

Practical bottoms

Again, you don’t want to attract too much attention to your assets during a date that was set for the sole purpose of getting to know one another. You’re already obviously attracted to each other, so go light on the revealing clothing. Throwing on a great pair of boyfriend jeans shows that you’re both fashion forward and easy-going.

Remember to wear something relaxing. Most girls feel more comfortable when they are genuinely wearing something comfortable. Show your date a bit of the true you instead of searching for something to wear in order to impress them. Trust me, with these tips you’ll be getting a call back for a second date for sure!