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Question: What outfit should I wear to the coffee shop?


If you’re like me (and love nothing more than to dress up), then it’s typically the more casual meetups that throw you into a closet frenzy. Thankfully, there are a few trusty wardrobe staples that are guaranteed to have you dominating that café.


Since it is currently summer, a great pair of shorts would be perfect for getting together with friends. I personally love J.Crew’s Chino Shorts. They’re crazy comfortable, and the cotton fabric holds its shape beautifully so you’ll be sure to look casual and polished. With shorts, it’s critical that you pay attention to the length (trust me: nobody wants to see your underwear when you walk by), so be sure to try several different lengths on before making your final decision. I’m on the petite side, so I can pull off the 3″, but if you’ve got long stems, the 4″ or 5″ are a better bet.

Also, be sure to choose a color/pattern that really speaks to you. I try not to accentuate my bottom half, so for my shorts I tend to stick to fun, solid colors  but if you’re all about playing up that area, feel free to get a fun print.

If you’re not so into shorts, a fun skirt always looks great. Keep the same thoughts in mind as you would with shorts: vouch for a flattering length and a great color/print. For summer, florals or retro-chic polka dots are always the way to go.


As for a top, I personally find that nothing looks as effortless as a classic white t-shirt half-tucked in, half-not tucked into either shorts or a skirt. If you want to look even more classic, a crisp white button-down would also be perfect. Be sure to carry along a cardigan or denim jacket as well, because goodness knows they air condition the life out of coffee places.


In terms of accessories, this depends entirely on your personal style. Are you a bracelet fanatic? Pile on those delicate bangles, girl. Really feeling rings? Mix and match your favorites to keep things interesting. With this look, I personally love throwing on a dainty long necklace and maybe a pair of studs, and leaving it at that.

Ah, can’t forget about the shoes! Again, largely depends on you and what you feel like wearing. A pair of sneakers (thinks VANS or Keds), or even TOMS would be great for this look. However, if you are still shying away from the casual vibe, a pair of neutral wedges would also look fabulous!

There you have it! Now go rock that coffee shop.