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So, you’ve figured out what accessories look best with your outfit through trial and error. From nail color to eye shadow, you’ve even chosen the most flattering makeup to suit your ensemble. But, have you considered what colors to wear in order to complement your hair? I haven’t given much thought as to whether or not my favorite colors go with my dark tresses. But, you wouldn’t wear certain colors that clash with your outfit, right? So, your hair needs that same attention to detail too. Hair color, as it turns out, should play a significant part in how you dress. And let’s face it ladies, since you’re pretty much stuck with your color—unless you’re the type to experiment with every hair dye under the sun—you might as well find the right shades to wear. Although one-size-fits-all advice isn’t applicable in this situation, here are some hue-hunting suggestions to get you off to a great start:


Thanks to that sunny mane, it’s no wonder blonde bombshells steal all the attention and exude confidence when they walk into a room. And I’ll be the first to admit it; we’re all kind of jealous. But in order to narrow down what colors will make us envy you more, first we have to determine what category of blonde your hair falls into: warm or cool. Cool blondes tend to have more platinum, beige, and ash tones, while warm blondes have more honey, gold, and champagne tints. Got it? Good. Let’s break down the colors you should and shouldn’t wear.

Here’s the skinny. Warm blondes look best in earth tones like camel, ivory, yellow, and jewel tones that have orange or red undertones. Think turquoise blue, aqua, green, amethyst, coral, or peach. However, if you’re a warm blonde, you should avoid black and pastels like the plague because they typically make you look washed out. If you must have a dark color in your closet, opt for navy instead. Cool blondes, on the other hand, can absolutely rock pastels and gray-toned hues. But you shouldn’t be so quick to venture to the other end of the color spectrum. Orange, red, and gold undertones create too much of a stark contrast with your pale blonde hair.


Why should blondes get to have all the fun? Darker-haired beauties and brown babes can make a strong statement all on their own, too. You can totally get away with graphic prints, neon colors, jewel tones, and other intense shades like red or orange. It all depends on whether you’re a warm brunette (brown, auburn, or red tints) or a cool one (ash brown or black). But fail-proof colors include teal, olive green, cobalt blue, and eggplant.

As with blondes, pastel shades and beige make warm brunettes look washed out. Your go-to neutrals should be gray, black, and white because they’ll make your dark hair pop. However, blue-based colors found in many pastel shades like yellow, pink, or lavender look great on cool brunettes. Cool brunettes, though, should say no to warm colors with red undertones like mustard, yellow, or orange-based reds.


Redheads should really put some thought into the colors they wear. After all, redheads aren’t considered neutral like blondes and brunettes. Copper and chestnut strands automatically stand out, so if you have red hair, your color is best complemented by coral, blue-greens, camel, cream, chocolate browns, and peachy oranges.

Ever wonder why blue is so close to red on the color wheel? That’s because blue looks great with scarlet. In fact, instead of black, crimson-haired ladies should sport navy blue for an unexpected, but totally beautiful look. And if you didn’t know already, redheads look incredibly sexy in any shade of red, green, white, purple, or ivory. But, it’s best to stay away from some yellows and oranges since they tend to wash out those with pale skin.


If your hair has highlights, you have the conflict of having both warm and cool shades. What’s a girl with chunks of different hair color to do? Well, you can either pick clothing that complements the most dominant color in your hair or choose a shade that resembles the color that frames your face. Still stuck? There’s always heads or tails, so try your luck and flip a coin.

*No matter your hair colorwhether you decide to go matchy-matchy or create contrast with colors that typically don’t go togetheryou can rely on universally-flattering hues such as dark red, deep teal. and eggplant.*

Sure, getting dressed involves a lot of factors. But if you want to dress around your hair color, figure out what hues can make your hair stand out and complement your skin tone. Whether you’re a fun-loving blonde (natural or otherwise), or a striking beauty with a copper coif, avoid colors that clash with your hair and outfit. Unflattering shades are guaranteed to make heads turn—but for all the wrong reasons. And since I’m all about helping you dress to impress, wouldn’t you like to turn heads for all the right ones instead?

What colors do you think look best with your hair tone?