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Question: I’m looking for comfortable sandals — do they even exist?

Answer: Sandals are the next best thing to bare feet. Because I live by the beach in San Diego, I wear sandals all the time and have crazy tan lines on my toes to prove it! To stand for long periods of time, go on adventurous walks, or do activities like skating and biking without achy feet, you need a pair of really good sandals. Here are some of my personal favorites that I couldn’t live without. These sandals will help you go the extra mile pain-free!


Reef Sandals are absolutely amazing. The sporty brand has a wide variety of sandals with so many cute styles. You’ll never be able to choose just one! Because of the great arch and heel support, your feet will never get sore. And, the traction allows you to do anything from skating to hiking along cliff trails. The shoes are also durable enough to keep your feet from burning in the sand.


As much as I love my Reefs, Victoria’s Secret has some of the most comfortable sandals around. Besides the world’s most cushy flip-flops, they have an insane amount of trendy sandals from heels to wedges. These shoes are also super affordable. And with the right sale, they sometimes come free with your order!

Hands down, Steve Madden has to have the most  fashionable sandals around! I’m in love with their wedges, but they also have tons of different shoes that can be styled in so many cool ways. Whether you’re preppy, girly, or prefer punk, you’ll find a trendy and functional pair to suit your style. If you’re looking for something a little dressier from this brand, then I suggest the Boliviia. They’re comfy and adorable. What more could a girl ask for?


Birkenstock sandals are extremely trendy right now and have been popping up all over the chicest fashion blogs. Designed for comfort and support, it’s an easy trend to get behind too. And because of their sky-rocketing popularity on the internet, you can search for endless ways to style them.

Don’t skip out on the sandals this season and try some of these comfortable options!