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 What are some comfortable shoes for women?

Answer: This day and age, women are held to a high standard of busy schedules and perfect attitudes. But it can be difficult to take care of others when you’re not taking care of yourself. Thus, understanding your needs is crucial to your own well being and happiness. Sometimes, you just need to start from the ground up! What do you do for a living? Are you a student, doctor, teacher, athlete or a stay-at-home-mom? Regardless of how much you’re on your feet day in and day out, it’s so important to be comfortable!

If you’re tired of your feet aching after a long night of socializing, you’re not alone! Heels are gorgeous and go with practically everything, but sometimes you need to give your feet a break. I personally love J.Crew’s ballet flats; they are instantly comfortable and take no time to break in! What’s not to love?

If you’re in one of many professions that require you to work on your feet, you have every reason to take good care of yourself. Wearing a stylish but comfortable kitten heel will still elongate your legs, but the small heel will take the pressure off your toes. I really love Calvin Klein Kitten Heels, as they’re well made, comfortable and affordable.

When you’re keeping it casual, a simple pair of sandals is perfect for running errands. Jack Rogers makes great sandals that last forever, plus they match with anything from a cute sundress to jeans and a T-shirt. But if the weather is a little colder, a pair of sneakers is another comfy alternative. I’m a fan of classic Chuck Taylor Hightops ($49,95,, as they come in so many cute colors.

Lastly, relaxing at home in super comfy sweats is definitely one of my favorite pastimes. For low-key lounging or recovering from a long night out, Ugg Slippers are my guilty pleasure. They always make me feel relaxed when I come home after a stressful day.

Although it’s fun to rock gorgeous stilettos once in a while, you need time to recover. Not taking proper care of your feet can lead to a slew of health problems. So in a world that’s constantly telling you to be more chic, stylish or trendy—remember that you’ll never regret being comfortable.