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Very few of us woke up like this—you know, flawless. Contrary to the popular line from Beyonce’s hit song “*** Flawless,” there are days where we feel anything but. However, there’s one amazing beauty product that will allow us to get as close to perfection as possible: concealer. A great camouflage and blending tool, concealer can simultaneously enhance the features you love and diminish imperfections you’re not too thrilled about. All you need are the right tools, products and proper application techniques to achieve near-perfect results. And we’ve got you covered—literally. Read on to learn how to apply concealer the right way in all the right places that could rival even Queen Bey’s flawlessness.

Before Applying, You’ll Need:

Make sure you have different shades of concealer on hand. One should match your complexion for coverage. But you’ll also need shades lighter and darker than your skin tone, as well as a concealer with a warmer undertone for the eyes. Liquid concealers go on smoothly and blend well, and creamy and solid concealers are long-lasting and opaque. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer will help you achieve beautiful and natural results. And you’ll also need a brush to evenly apply concealer.

For Under-Eye or Dark Circles:

Late night out? You can expect to wake up with dreaded bags under your eyes. Erase the effects by brightening your eyes with a concealer such as bareMinerals “Stroke of Light” Eye Brightener. A pink-based brightening concealer corrects the blue and purple tones of dark eye circles and hides fatigue. Apply dots of concealer—one underneath the tear duct and one in the middle of the under-eye. Start at the bridge of your nose, dabbing concealer along the edge of your under-eye crescent to the outer edge of the eye. Next, dampen a beauty blender sponge and then dip it into a highlighting powder. Pat it over the concealer, blending evenly. Always remember to use light tapping motions when blending.

For Scars or Dark Spots:

Breakouts? No worries. Using a heavily-concentrated concealer and a tiny camouflage brush, apply concealer to the spot or problem area. You can minimize or hide scars with Make Up For Ever lift concealer, applying darker concealer to reduce lighter scarred areas and lighter concealer to make the dark spot brighter. When it comes to concealer, less is more. For an even surface, use a small amount of concealer on the scarred area. Finish with a loose translucent mineral powder. Setting your makeup will keep the concealer from melting throughout the day.

For Blemishes:

A pesky pimple or inflammation can be a pain, but you can cover it up using a concealer in green. Green concealer neutralizes redness. Take your brush and pile on the concealer, applying it on the pimple first. Starting from the middle, make light brush strokes outwards until it fades into your skin. Apply a concealer stick like Stila’s CC Color Correcting Stick SPF 20 to the blemish using your index figure, patting the area until it’s completely covered and even. Lastly, dip a blending brush into a loose face powder, blending all three products together

Around the Nose:

To conceal trouble spots—like redness around the nose—apply a liquid or cream concealer such as Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer Kit. Vouch for the same shade as your skin tone or a shade lighter. Use a concealer brush to dot concealer around your nostrils and nose area, covering it completely and fading outward toward your cheeks. Dust a loose powder over the area to set it.

For us regular girls without a professional makeup artist on speed dial or technology to veil our flaws, concealer can be considered our own personal airbrushing or Photoshop tool. Whether you’re covering up blemishes, correcting an uneven skin tone or brightening up tired-looking eyes, concealer is a must-have for your beauty arsenal.

What is your favorite way to apply concealer?