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Question: What do you wear with Converse shoes?


Converse high tops: serving as the cool kid shoe since the infamous 1960’s Chuck Taylors. They have gone from being the mainstream gym uniform to a wardrobe staple. When the question “What can I wear with Chucks?” is asked, the answer is: anything. Styling and attention to detail help to shift the look of Chucks from polished to too-cool-for-school and back again. Here’s how it’s done:


Converse are the ultimate casual shoe, so when it comes to dressing down, it’s better to ask what can’t you wear with them. Cutoffs, graphic tees, and denim go together with Converse like peanut butter and jelly.


If you are all about conventional fashion, the Converse can make for the perfect shoe to pair with your dressier ensembles. Floral prints, pastel colors, and the occasional tutu offer a romantic girl-next-door feel to your Converse.


Little accents like sequins, oversized bags, and prim coats give a polished look to Converse — transforming them from old Chucks to a chic shoe.