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It is essential to find out if you have warm toned skin, or cool toned skin. This can make it easier to figure out what colors look best on you! If you have cool toned skin, your veins on your arm will look blue. A warm toned person has veins that appear green. If you have cool toned skin, wear colors such as blue, violet, emerald, and corals.

Here are the best cool toned lipsticks! 


One of the best cool toned nude lipsticks has to be the NARS Little Darling Lipstick. While it is a nude color, it gives off a bit of shimmer and has subtle pink undertones. If you’re looking to wear lipstick that isn’t too bold, go with this shade because it brings out your cool toned skin without clashing with the rest of your look!


For red lipsticks, aim for a product with undertones of colors that flatter cool skin, such as blues, corals, and so forth. Describe as a “muted coral tangerine,” the corals in this Sephora Collection Rogue Cream Lipstick in the shade “It Girl” will certainly bring out your skin color. It is also very creamy and moisturizing.

Another recommendation is the Color Sensational Vivids in the shade “On Fire Red” by Maybelline. 


Pinks, in general, are great for those with cool toned skin. However, corals and light pinks are the most desirable options. This Clinique Long Last Lipstick in the shade “Runaway Coral” complements your cool toned complexion!

What’s your favorite cool toned lipstick?