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Question: How do I cover up a hickey?

Answer: It’s not our place to judge what you do behind closed doors, but if you wake up in the morning with an unsightly bruise (or any kind of bruise, for that matter) and somewhere important to go, covering the area is necessary. So, how does one go about covering up a hickey? It’s actually much more simple than you might think.

First, begin by finding either a concealer or full-coverage foundation that matches the skin around the bruise. I like MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, or, for a more affordable option, Hard Candy Glamoflauge. Then use a small brush and stipple on the first layer of whatever product you’re using. Be sure to blend the edges out so that it doesn’t look like a patch of makeup. Keep applying layers until you’re happy with the coverage, then go in with a powder foundation. I like Bareminerals because it offers a lot of coverage and helps to set everything down. Use a small, dense brush to pat some of the product on top of the concealer or foundation you used first. Then, use a large fluffy brush with a little more of the powder and lightly brush over the area to help blend it all in. To ensure that the area looks like skin rather than makeup, try a setting spray. This will also help make sure that your makeup will stay on under clothing or what have you.

This process will work for any kind of bruise, and can be incredibly helpful to cover unsightly bruises for work, school, or just everyday life.