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Question: How can I get more coverage out of BB cream?

Answer: Getting coverage out of any foundation, tinted moisturizer, or BB cream all depends on how you apply it. There are a variety of tools that will give you different types of coverage. Using the right tool will give you maximum coverage, and will stretch a BB cream up to a medium coverage product.

Stippling Brush/Fingers

This is the first level of coverage when it comes to BB creams or other foundations. If the BB cream doesn’t have a lot of coverage to begin with, this will give a fairly sheer coverage. Most BB creams suggest that you apply their product with your fingers, which is fine if you’re mainly looking for a moisturizer and sunscreen. If you want more coverage, however, this isn’t the best method.

Buffing Brush

This is typically how I apply my BB cream. Any buffing brush or flat top brush (think the Sigma Flat Top Kabuki) falls under this category. Depending on the BB cream, this method will allow for light to medium coverage. The motion associated with a buffing brush is usually a blending motion which produces a flawless finish with decent coverage.

Foundation Brush

A foundation brush with a painting motion produces the highest level coverage out of any BB cream or foundation. This will usually provide a slightly thicker layer of product to the face and can be slightly streaky, so going over with a buffing brush isn’t a bad idea. This will maintain the higher level of coverage while giving a more flawless finish.

I always caution against using a sponge of any kind because they’re a breeding ground for bacteria, and they mostly just absorb the product. They’re difficult to clean (with the exception of a BeautyBlender) and generally don’t apply product very well. So, brushes are the way to go.

It’s also important to use a BB cream that will offer better coverage. Some BB creams just don’t have a lot of coverage to offer in general, so it’s important to find one that can have substantial coverage. My favorite BB Cream is Rimmel London’s 9 in 1 BB cream. It’s inexpensive and it’s actually the best BB cream I own. If your BB cream isn’t cutting it for coverage, try Rimmel’s with a foundation brush. That’s your best bet for getting solid coverage out of something fairly sheer!